The Farms

The most modern and sustainable producer of acai in the world!

"New Acai Amazonas are the pioneers in cultivating açai on large scales. Today, in our farms there are currently 3500 acres of irrigated acaí, together with a modern and high-end technology industrial complex.

This enables us to harvest and process the fruit in lead time, saving the most valuable qualities and nutrients of the açaí berry: the anthocyanin and other powerful nutritional values.

By combining research, innovation and investment, we became the most modern and sustainable producer of açaí. We are present in the market to deliver solutions in the supply of açaí pulp and high quality derived products.

In 2017, with the creation of New Acai Amazonas, we focused in distributing and supplying the United States with our specialized Açai products brands, with no disruption in supply inventory during the 12 months of the year.

As of today we supply the majority of the brands in North America.

No more brokers or middle-man, prices straight from our acai farms, ready to shipped to you from or US warehouse."

New Acai Amazonas offers:

We ship Fruit Powders & Acai Pulp across the United States.

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