Why Chose New Acai Amazonas

Here are some reasons why we should be your primary source of fruit ingredients.

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True cost saving soluiton

If we would list a single reason for our success, it would be our transparency and fairness when it comes to our prices. We use our deep experience and extensive knowledge in sourcing botanical ingredients to deliver our clients truly competitive pricing.

No more brokers, middle-mans or high margins, prices straight from the manufacturer.

Freeze Dried Powders

Ready to be shipped inventory

We understand that for your business to grow you need to focus your attention and assets to products and sales. That's why most of our products are ready to be shipped from our Florida warehouse with no need to worry about imports and large lead times.‚Äč

We always offer all delivered pricing, so all you have to do is wait the merchandise to arrive at your location.

Strawberry Freeze Dried Powder

Certifications at its best

When you asked it we provide it! That's our mindset when it comes to quality related documents and certifications. We want our customers to rest assured they will never have issues with identity or purity with our ingredients. We will provide test results immediately when requested.

Strawberry Freeze Dried Powder

Social Impact

Much more than just believing, we work for a more sustainable and fair world. We know the importance natural resources conservation to ensure environment preservation, therefore we constantly invest in reforestation with our partners. We are always re-evaluating our processes in search of more sustainable practices and how to give back to the local communities.

New Acai Amazonas offers:

We ship Fruit Powders & Acai Pulp across the United States.

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